Flower Essence Consultations – 60 MIN  |  $135 (includes a Flower Remedy)

A Flower Essence consult is a gentle and comforting experience where Kat will help you with any emotional, mental or spiritual issues you may be confronting. Through intuitive guidance and emotional support, Kat creates a safe and non-judgmental space to share whatever you need to discuss or explore. She may ask a series of questions to pinpoint what you need the most in this moment to help her to find the perfect remedy for you! Kat will then create a custom Flower Essence tincture for your specific needs. Find out more about Flower Essence Tinctures here.


Consultation Follow Up  – 30 MIN  |  $70 (includes a Flower Remedy)

This consultation (for established clients only) is a wonderful little tune-up for established Flower Essence clients to see if your flower essence tincture needs tweaking and to check in on any healing changes you have experienced! A custom Flower Essence tincture is included with your session.

Energy Therapy – 60 MIN  |  $125

In every session Kat provides a safe and sacred space to help the recipient to open up to their intuition and inner truth. Her aim is to lovingly assist the client into a deep relaxed state, and then gently lead them to feel their inner world. She then holds the intention to bring awareness to any deep-seated beliefs held in the mind/energy field that could be holding the client back from living their full potential. Through energy work, guided visualization, aromatherapy, magical flower essences, sound healing, intention and affirmations, Kat will take you on a journey of profound inner self-reflection and exploration where healing on the deepest sub-conscious level can take place.

What to expect:

  • The session begins with a short discussion to identify the client’s intention.
  • The client will then comfortably lie, fully clothed on a massage table to receive the energy therapy.
  • The session ends with a brief discussion of their experience.


Intuitive Emotional Support- 60 MIN  |  $125

In Kat’s many years of facilitating her holistic practice, she has recognized the simple yet essential need for people just to be listened to. Many clients find immense relief just being able to speak to a loving, non-judgmental, empathic ear. Kat believes by being truly present and listening intently that healing can take place for anyone. Both professionally and personally she has helped many people through challenging times through listening to them with her full attention. She gives honest feedback and sets strong intentions before working with anyone to be a clear channel for transformation to take place. These sessions are kept strictly confidential and the client can either discuss personal challenges, or can focus on goal setting, or re-training their thoughts to help attain more affirmative thinking.

*Kat has certification to practice Holistic Coaching, but is not a licensed counselor.


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